Who We Are

Elgin Children’s Network (ECN) is a local collaborative of agencies and individuals representing the education, health and social services sector.  By bringing people together, ECN works to build communities where every child has the opportunity to be engaged, empowered, and to thrive.
Our History

History of the Elgin Children's Network

Elgin Children’s Network has evolved throughout the years to become an innovative and collaborative planning table - striving to put children and families at the centre of all discussions, decisions and actions. 
Our Values

  • Accountability: We are evidence-informed, responsive and transparent.
  • Strength Based: We empower children and families and build on their potential
  • Integrity: We adhere to high moral and ethical standards.
  • Inclusion: We celebrate all children and families
  • Collaboration: We partner to achieve shared goals.
  • Connectedness: We bring people together through trusting relationships.

Our Goals

  • To create welcoming, interactive, physical and virtual spaces with programs, resources and services that are accessible where we live, work and play.
  • To increase opportunities for connections that make relationships a priority
  • To be a catalyst for igniting deeper conversations and actions for productive and responsive partnerships in service of families.

In 2015, our network came together to define our vision, mission, and values and to create a plan for how we would achieve our goals.  Check out our strategic plan that guides the work that we do.